Jaleel White Kym Johnson.jpg“Dancing With the Stars” is by all accounts, an intense experience. Before the second week of dancing, a report surfaced that Jaleel White and partner Kym Johnson had a fight that had to be broken up by Mark Ballas and Donald Driver. As we reported on Monday night (April 2), Ballas says it was an exaggeration. At the press line for the show, we spoke to Driver, and Sherri Shepherd spoke this morning about what happened.

Shepherd appeared on the show via Skype saying,”It
was very intense for Jaleel — it was an intense week for everybody. I
think everybody was emotional because we were just trying to make it
through. We had to learn the dance in two days rather than a week.”

Donald, you have watched the show since the
beginning.  With the story that things got tense backstage this week… Did
you expect that sort of thing since you have seen so much of the show already?

Driver says the tension gets to people sometimes, and as someone who’s watched the show since Season 1, he isn’t surprised. “You know, I have seen it happen, he says. “Watching the show, I
have seen it. I know exactly. We haven’t had that argument
yet. I told her tomorrow I think I am just going to walk out of rehearsal
on her,” he laughs.

We asked if Driver thought the stories out there were accurate. He says, “I think it’s always over-exaggerated. People make more
out of it then what it is. You’re going to have the hoots and hollers and
yells and walks always, but at the end of the day, it’s about what people do
and coming out and dancing well.”

He says he and White are “cool.” “Me and Jaleel. I don’t have no beef with
him. He didn’t do anything to my wife. No, I mean, me and him have
a great relationship. I have been knowing him for a long

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