cameron beck 3D glasses James Cameron vs. Glenn Beck: You weighed in, we listened...We’ve been following the ongoing verbal smackdown between the “anti-Christ” vs. the “madman” (a.k.a. James Cameron and Glenn Beck), and Zap2it readers have some pretty strong opinions about these two heavyweight personalities who seemingly couldn’t have more opposing views.

You weighed in, and we listened. It seems that not everyone is necessarily pro-Cameron or pro-Beck … some of you just really don’t like the other guy and wanted to tell us why.

]]>PRO-CAMERON AND/OR ANTI-BECK: East: Gives me another reason to like Cameron…Glenn Beck’s purpose is so painfully obvious…he is a scary dude. Brandon: Not sure if the problem is Glenn Beck as much as it is al the weak minded people who believe he’s for real. Glenn Beck is a character put on for entertainment purposes, like Stephen Colbert. The main problem here is that there is a “Comedy Central” logo at the bottom of the screen when Colbert is on, which would hopefully give people the idea that it’s a joke. Glenn Beck has a “Fox News” logo and I think too many people actually think that somehow makes him legitimate… He’s an entertainer. Alex: I may not agree with Cameron, and he himself may come off as an a-hole a lot of the time. But I’m in agreement with him. I know right-wing conservatives who are frightened of Beck. The guy’s too powerful. (Funnily enough, so is Cameron, but replacing all our movies with 3-D isn’t exactly in the same league as some of the horrific ideas I’ve heard Beck spout.) Dustin: It isn’t about being conservative or liberal… Glenn Beck (Or at least the Glenn Beck that has appeared on television the last 3 days I watched his show) is a moron. I said yesterday that Colbert should just end his show because Glenn does enough to make a joke of pundits. Seriously. The man called Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson “Godly.” It’s sad because I know people take him seriously…. I don’t know how anyone does anything more than laugh at what he says, because it’s hilarious. TJ Spkye: Glenn Beck is dangerous. When you have a racist, paranoid, fear mongerer like him a national TV show to brain wash gullible Republicans, you ar just asking for nut jobs like birthers.
PRO-BECK AND/OR ANTI-CAMERON: Jennifer: Cameron makes a controversial documentary and then gets all huffy when someone tells him they don’t like it. Sounds like Cameron needs thicker skin. Get.Over.It. Mark: Wow – SURPRISE! Another liberal entertainer who cannot stand conservatives. Hey – here’s a perfectly good reason not give give my money to the f***ing ******* who made the pile of steaming crap that was Avatar. Chase: James cameron is a tool bag. News Flash, making movies that net lots of $$ is not indicative of one’s intelligence. James Cameron’s comments about Glenn Beck is a case in point to teach your kids that hollywood people are not very smart. Maria: Well, look, Cameron – if Beck made the remarks in ’07 it stands to reason he didnt see Avatar. He said you were in the RUNNING to be the anti-Christ after screening a doc you did on a religious subject. We know its a press junket but you dont have to yank Becks opinions on an entirely different topic in order to boost your movie further do you?
As far as a smack down? They are both pretty hot commodities but i would put Beck & his top team of researchers against Camerons junk science any day.

truerepublic: glenn beck is doing more for the US than another other person.

Or are you more in line with “Smitty’s” thoughts on the whole debate? Smitty: Honestly they both are morons. I dont watch news because of the person telling it. I dont watch movies because of who directed the movie. If i like it i like it simple as that. Tell us what you think. Are you more in line with Cameron or Beck … or should they both just shut their traps?
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