James Cameron.jpgFilmmaker James Cameron and his Lightstorm Entertainment were sued Thursday by a former employee who claims that he spent two years developing a story that became the hit movie, “Avatar.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the employee claims that, while he was working for Lightstorm back in 1999 he wrote a story called “KRZ 2068.” (Catchy title, no?) He claims he created treatments, photos, 3-D visuals and character elements for a movie the company planned on developing. According to the statement the site acquired, the film was supposed to be an “environmentally-themed 3-D epic about a
corporation’s colonization and plundering of a distant moon’s lush and
wondrous natural setting.”

The claim continues, saying that the film included “a corporation spy,” (yep, that’s Jake) and  “anthropomorphic, organically created beings populating that moon.” There was also supposed to be a relationship between the spy and one of the beings. Uh huh. Smurf sex. Sorry.

This is not the first lawsuit of this kind. Cameron and company have been sued before. So, is this a true case of stealing a story or does this guy just want a little extra scratch? The film did gross $2.8 billion worldwide. Let us know your thoughts below.

Posted by:jbusch