james denton brenda strong desperate housewives dallas James Denton and Brenda Strong plot their post 'Desperate Housewives' moves

No, there almost certainly won’t be any spin-offs for “Desperate Housewives,” but most stars of the show seem content to have it go on forever.

When the cast recently celebrated the final season of the landmark ABC series, Zap2it caught up with two oft underused players who we’d like to see enjoy particularly fruitful careers after the lights go out on Wisteria Lane. One of them has already lined up a sweet gig and the other has an interesting pitch…

“I just think the last episode really needs to be something so compelling that it requires a Delfino spin-off, ” James Denton tells us of his final season expectations. “Something so fascinating that there needs to be a show called ‘The Delfinios.’ That’s all.”

He’s kidding — but not totally. “It’s kind of nice that we had to quit, because I never would have left,” he says. “As an actor, it’s kind of exciting and fun. I’d stay here forever, but it’s a good thing that we have to move on.”

So what’s the plan if Mike and Susan don’t move to Los Angeles and set up shop as a married duo of forensic detectives? “I want to do a play, because we can’t do theater while shooting,” he says. “That will be the first thing when we wrap, but then I’m wide open. TV is preferable to me.”

[Editor’s note: We have our own ideas for a new Denton-headlining series, but if we told you, we’d have to kill you.]

One cast member whose dance card is already full is recent Emmy-nominee Brenda Strong. In Summer 2012, she’s already set to star in TNT’s reboot of “Dallas” (alongside “DH” alum Jesse Metcalfe).

“I’d like to say that I planned the whole thing, but the universe just decided to be very generous to me,” Strong says of her seamless move between gigs. “I’m kind of in shock that I get to go from one epic nighttime soap to another.”

She also thinks her largely absent role as omniscient narrator Mary Alice Young may have made it especially easy for her to find work on another series.

“As Felicity [Huffman] says, actors go to actor jail after they’ve been on a series for a long time,” Strong tells us. “It’s hard for an audience to see them as another role. I think, in some respects, Mary Alice has been off camera enough that people are going to be able to receive me in this.”

Adopting a southern accent shouldn’t hurt either.

With such a long gap between the pilot production and the series actually airing, you think it might be hard for Strong to even remember that she has a new job. But she told us the moment she knew it was real.

“As we were shooting the pilot, driving up to that little house that represents South Fork, that theme music popped up into my head,” she says. “I had no idea it was part of my biology. I got goosebumps!”

“Dallas” nostalgists, you can probably get some goosebumps of your own by re-watching the teaser trailer below — which includes, among other things, Strong sporting a shotgun:

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