marc cherry james denton James Denton talks Nicollette Sheridan Marc Cherry trial on 'The View'
“Desperate Housewives” actor James Denton appeared on “The View” Monday (March 12) to talk about his rather sudden, untimely end on the show, which you can read about here. But he also  was able to reveal the story he was supposed to tell during the Nicollette SheridanMarc Cherry trial.

“It was really uncomfortable because when you say ‘on behalf of Marc Cherry and the producers,’ I don’t see it that way at all. They asked me to come in and tell a story that they thought was a nice illustration for the way things worked on our set,” says Denton.

“What happened was I ended up not being able to get the story out because the other attorney kept objecting, objecting, objecting. I wasn’t much help to anybody, whcih is OK with me. I don’t think helped or hurt.”

But naturally, “The View” women are curious (as are we) of what story he was going to tell. We were surprised to learn Bea Arthur was involved.

“It was a story about when Marc was directing me in a scene when Susan’s in the strip club and she’s being a stripper to prove a point to Mike that he shouldn’t go to strip clubs,” says Denton. “And a guy’s trying to put a dollar in her g-string and I wasn’t doing it in a funny way and Marc comes over and pushes me aside and says, ‘Be more Bea Arthur,’ which I thought was such a funny direction.”

“So he acted it out, he touched me. He was very physical,” says Denton. “My point was that Marc is very hands-on, he directs very physically.”

And that story was because one of the things the trial hinges on is whether or not creator Marc Cherry assaulted Nicollette Sheridan, as she claims.


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