james-farentino-george-clooney-ER.jpgJames Farentino died of heart failure on Tuesday (Jan. 24) after a lengthy illness, reports People. The veteran actor has more than 100 TV credits on his resume and was named Most Promising Newcomer by the Golden Globes in 1967.

But where do you recognize him from? Probably one of these five roles:

1. “E.R.”: It was a small role, but Farentino played George Clooney’s estranged father Ray Ross on the Chicago-set medical drama.

2. “Melrose Place”:  Farentino played the shady Mr. Beck, who did things like hold Heather Locklear hostage in a cabin.

3. “Jesus of Nazareth”: Farentino was nominated for an Emmy for his title role in the 1977 TV mini-series.

4. “Dynasty”: Farentino starred as Dr. Nick Toscani in several episodes of the early ’80s primetime soap.

5. “The Final Countdown”: The actor starred alongside Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen in this movie about an aircraft carrier that travels back in time to Pearl Harbor.

Another reason his name might be familiar: In 1994, Farentino pleaded no contest to stalking ex-girlfriend Tina Sinatra, daughter of Frank Sinatra.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson