jamesfranco 02 290 James Franco: After '30 Rock' & 'General Hospital,' what should be next?James Franco already rocked our worlds when he decided to do an upcoming guest run on “General Hospital,” and now it looks like he may consider flexing his comedic muscles as well.

The “Spider-Man” actor will reportedly make an appearance as himself on NBC’s “30 Rock” dating Jane Krakowski’s character Jenna in a relationship brokered by their agents, according to EW. NBC would not confirm the casting.

That got us to thinking: James Franco apparently likes to keep us guessing when it comes to his gigs. So where else can we possibly expect to see the versatile actor pop up?

A few possibilities:

  • Shakespeare in the Park – With Franco’s looks, can’t you see him all brood-y as Hamlet or better yet, as hot-headed cousin Tybalt from “Romeo & Juliet”? Tybalt’s lust for revenge against Romeo Montague is not unlike Harry Osborn’s drive to take down Spider-Man.
  • “Yo Gabba Gabba!” – The colorful, musical show aimed at preschoolers has a cult following among college kids and has featured the likes of The Roots and Andy Samberg. We think Franco wearing chartreuse and singing/kicking it with Brobee, Muno and friends is just a matter of time.
  • Canadian teen show a la the “Degrassi” franchise – Even though Franco’s “Freaks and Geeks” days are behind him, there’s nothing preventing him from returning to lower education playing an alum who becomes a teacher/mentor whom all the little girls have a crush on. And then he’ll be able to help the Shenae Grimes heir apparent to overcome bulimia.
  • Reality show guest star – Noted fashion photographer James Franco would make all the wannabes nervous on “America’s Next Top Model,” tell the singers to go method on “American Idol”, demand a supervillain-inspired couture look on “Project Runway,” or get his bachelor pad redone on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”
  • “Doctor Who” – James is missing a significant sci fi project on his resume, which is why we’d love to see him as the Time Lord’s temporary assistant, hop into the TARDIS, battle evil Daleks and then have a tearful farewell rivaling Rose’s.
  • Telenovela El Sr. Franco es el padre del bebé de Carolina, pero fue asesinado en una pelea antes de que pudiera ver al niño nacido. ¡Qué triste!

Join in the fun! In what unusual places would you like to see James Franco pop up?

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