As the countdown to Oscar night continues, hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway have undoubtedly been bogged down with preparations. From their upcoming musical number(s?) to on stage chemistry, everything has to be ready to go for the Feb. 27 broadcast.

In a new promotional featurette released by the Academy, the co-hosts talk about who got the offer first, who accepted first and why the Oscar statue would make a great murder weapon. Of course, there are plenty of bloopers thrown in as well.

We can’t wait to see these two rock the Academy Awards — if all of these promotional videos are any indication, we think they’re going to do a great job. If they bomb, Franco’s okay with that too.

“If it’s the worst Oscars show ever, who cares?” he tells Vanity Fair. “It’s like, it’s fine. It’s one night. It doesn’t matter. If I host the worst Oscar show in the history of the Oscars, like, why do I care?
“I’ll try my best,” he adds. “I don’t see any shame in that.”

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci