james franco has a sex tape getty 550 James Franco hopes to contact Tennessee Williams via Ouija boardWith all the excitement surrounding the re-jiggered Oscar producer/host lineup (in case you’ve been sleeping, Brett Ratner/Eddie Murphy out, Brian Grazer/Billy Crystal in), it’s only natural that our thoughts would stray to one of last year’s hosts, James Franco.

It turns out Franco, whose deadpan delivery wasn’t exactly a hit with viewers, is keeping busy. In fact, this weekend Franco plans to attempt to contact the spirit of playwright Tennessee Williams using a Ouija board. The attempt will, according to the New York Post, be part of a performance art piece Franco is presenting at the Performa 11 Art Festival.

For the first part of the performance, Franco will attempt to “spirit call” Williams using the board. Next, he’ll host open auditions for Williams’ “The Glass Menagerie” where anyone in the audience can approach the mic to try out for the play. We presume the spirit call will be on speakerphone for that portion.

This isn’t Franco’s first brush with the art world — he’s mounted several diverse shows in recent years, including a recent show at Los Angeles’ Gagosian Gallery in which he teamed up with director Gus Van Sant to re-imagine the director’s 1991 movie, “My Own Private Idaho.”

He’s also currently working on — depending on which source you use — up to five graduate degrees.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson