james-franco-selena-gomez-selena-gomezJames Franco isn’t just making the upcoming movie “Spring Breakers” with pop star Selena Gomez, he’s also personally a fan of her music. Or of one of her hit, “Love You Like a Love Song.” In a new video posted to his WhoSay account, Franco lip synchs along to Gomez’s song.

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The video is nothing special. The scene is the interior of a car. The audio’s no so great. And, somehow, this short clip makes up for Franco’s Oscar-hosting fail. It’s like he’s the original Honey Badger. He. Just. Does. What. He. Wants.

Make sure to watch to the very end to get the full effect — as in tongue over the lip action. Oh yes, he goes there.

Thankfully, James is still sporting the K-Fed-inspired corn rows and the clip gives us ample opportunity to check them out.

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James Franco on WhoSay

No comment so far from Selena via her Twitter account. Her latest post, from April 3, is a plea to help raise funds for starving children. So, if nothing else, James Franco made us aware of that.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson