JamesFranco-KFed.jpgJames Franco was in Florida this week to film scenes for his new movie, and pictures of his Kevin Federline-esque look have transported the public back to 2006.

In what’s being described as K-Fed meets Axl Rose, Franco’s “Spring Breakers” character has the cornrows, the undershirt, the trucker hat and chains ensemble which only a chosen few can (or want) to try and pull off. He’s a dead ringer for Britney Spears’ ex in his heyday — and Franco’s arguably done a better job at generating buzz for the movie than even his bikini-clad co-stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens have.

Franco is playing a drug enthusiast-dealer-rapper who performs on stage at a spring break concert. His character is said to be based off rapper Riff Raff — but it’s likely that he’s channeling some of K-Fed’s “gangsta” days in there too.

“Spring Breakers” is the project of director Harmony Korine, whose work includes “Kids” and “Gummo.”

Franco loves eccentric and playful roles (from “General Hospital” to “Pineapple Express”), but this one might be the most outrageous yet. Hopefully he drops the Federline act before it sends him to “Celebrity Fit Club.”

Photo/Video credit: Selena Gomez/Instagram

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady