james franco conan obrien tbs James Franco wouldn't make a good drug dealer: 'I hate business'He’s carved a little niche playing drug dealers in films like “Pineapple Express” and “Spring Breakers,” but as James Franco tells it, he’d made a terrible one in real life. The answer why might surprise you.

Appearing on “Conan” on Thursday (Nov. 21) to promote his new film “Homefront,” in which he plays, you guessed it, a drug dealer, he told host Conan O’Brien why he didn’t think he’d be able to make it work in the drug biz. “I think is my third, I probably played a few other drug dealers at some point, but I play on in ‘Pineapple Express,’ one in ‘Spring Breakers’ and now one here, but no, I would not be a good drug dealer. You know, if you put aside the high, all of the glamorous murders, the addiction — you know all that, all the unlawful activity, it’s just like a business, right? I hate business. I don’t want to, like, keep track of my inventory…”

And it’s not just the business acumen that Franco find himself lacking. “Also, he’s a manufacturer, the guy in the movie,” he says. “Like, I was horrible in chemistry. I’m the sidekick on ‘Breaking Bad.’ Like, I don’t know how to do it.”

Well, thankfully that’s been settled.

Posted by:Billy Nilles