james franco trashes neighborhood gi James Franco's trash is making his Hollywood neighbors angry

James Franco trashes his Hollywood ‘hood, leaving neighbors fighting mad, according to his neighbors. Several residents have filed formal complaints with the Los Angeles Housing Department after the “Oz the Great and Powerful” actor set up shop for film production on their street.
Neighbors tell TMZ Franco takes up all the parking spots for his noisy production crew, lets mega amounts of garbage blow on to their property, and worst of all — has a security team that is a little too nosy. Apparently all the cars are clogging up the roadway and putting kids in danger, not to mention blocking private driveways.
The angry residents want the housing authority to crack down on Franco, his film crew, and his creepy security guards. A photo of Franco’s bachelor pad provided by the Housing Department shows what appears to be a sleepy little bungalow with one car parked out front. Perhaps it was taken on an off day.
Franco currently has two box office hits on his hands with “Oz” and “Spring Breakers.” Now, word on the street is Seth Rogen wants him for the lead in his next project, “The Interview.” Meanwhile, fans are still standing by for the release of “Palo Alto,” based on a collection of Franco’s short stories.
james franco trash house lahd James Franco's trash is making his Hollywood neighbors angry
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