james frey oprah winfrey James Frey and Oprah Winfrey schedule rematch before big finale

The number of remaining episodes of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” are rapidly dwindling before the May 25 series finale, but amidst all the celebrities and self-congratulatory flashbacks there will be room for at least one awkward moment.

Author James Frey, who was publicly scolded by Winfrey after certain elements of his 2003 book “A Million Little Pieces” were found to be fabricated, is returning to the hot seat in which he got his lashing.

The New York Post reports Frey has agreed to appear for a full hour in the next month — but don’t expect another throw down. Winfrey reportedly apologized for her harsh treatment of Frey years ago, and his appearance is to discuss his life in the five years and promote his new book.

… which sounds completely bizarre, by the way. “The Final Testament of the Holy Bible” details the arrival of the second coming of Christ in the guise of a former alcoholic who impregnates a prostitute in the Bronx. And it’s out on Good Friday. Classy!

If you can say one thing about Winfrey, it’s that she very clearly reads every book that’s ever mentioned or promoted on her series. So we’re interested to see what she thinks of Frey’s new novel.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell