james spader office s8 premiere James Spader on 'The Office': What do you think of Robert California?James Spader made his debut as a regular member of “The Office” cast Thursday night (Sept. 22). So what do you make of the new CEO?

As we said in our recap of the season premiere, we see a lot of potential in the very different energy he brings to the show. The show’s documentary style allows for a pretty loose, off-the-cuff brand of acting, but Spader has always seemed to be very specific in the choices he makes, and early indications are that he’s continuing down that path as new Sabre CEO Robert California.

The show’s writers are aware of that, and based on the premiere (and his brief appearance in last season’s finale) it looks like they’ll be able to get a lot of comic mileage out of the staff adjusting to this very smart, blunt, strange man in their midst.

When the hiring of Spader was announced over the summer, we weren’t sure how he would blend in with the rest of the cast. But the fact that he is a bit of a square peg could end up working to the show’s advantage.

But enough from us: What did you think of Spader’s “Office” debut? 

Posted by:Rick Porter