james van der beek baby James Van Der Beek introduces baby, who he did not name Joey PotterJames Van Der Beek,
who will be forever known as Dawson Leery despite repeated attempts to
change his image, has shared the first photo of his daughter, Olivia
Pacey Van Der Beek, with People.

Okay, we’re lying about the Pacey part. The Beek’s wife, Kimberly Brook, probably wouldn’t have been on board with that.


Though the couple was planning on a totally natural birth, plans changed two hours into the labor and Kimberly decided to take the offered drugs. “We were one of those couples who was all about natural birth. We had the right doctor, we had the right doula and the right nurse at the hospital,” James says. “Kimberly did it as naturally as she could, but at the end of the day we were very glad we were in the hospital.” “The labor was tough,” says 28-year-old Kimberly, “but you forget about it the second they put her in your arms.” Awww. Three out of the four original “Dawson’s Creek” kids are parents. Your move, Joshua Jackson.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie