James Van Der Beek stopped by “Late Night with Seth Meyers” Thursday (March 27) to talk about his new show “Friends with Better Lives.” All anyone really wanted to hear about was “Dawson’s Creek,” though. Luckily, he was more than happy to oblige.
One thing about the “Dawson’s Creek” experience that stands out to Van Der Beek is the stalkers he gained through being a teen heartthrob. Sure, there was no end of teen girls who squealed with delight whenever they saw him, but they weren’t the only ones enamored with Dawson.
“My favorite was this older guy, who would make me mix tapes which were comprised of songs from shows I had actually been in,” Van Der Beek says. “He would come to Wilmington, where we shot ‘Dawson’s Creek’, every year on my birthday to try and give me a birthday card. So every year on my birthday I was trying to avoid this guy.”
One year, a police officer followed the man, just to see what he was up to when not looking for Van Der Beek on the set. “‘I watched him attempt to put his Motel 8 key into his rental car for an hour and a half’,” he remembers the cop telling him. Who knows whatever became of the stalker.

His “Late Night” appearance wasn’t the only trip back to “Dawson’s Creek” Van Der Beek made in the last week. He also posted a selfie on Twitter with none other than Mary Beth Peil, who played “Grams” throughout the show’s entire run. Fellow actor, and long time friend of Van Der Beek’s Michael Park also appears in the photo.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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