The third time’s the charm for James Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberly Van Der Beek. The happy couple welcomed their third child on Jan. 26, and decided only after giving birth what they would name the baby.

“We had not had a single discussion about a name before the baby was born,” Van Der Beek recalls on “The Talk.” “And then she was born and things are crazy and you’re buzzing, and then I had work to do and was kind of away for the afternoon.”

He continues, “Then I said, ‘Oh by the way, do you have a name?’ And [Kimberly] said, ‘Only one name came to me.’ And I said, ‘Only one name came to me too.’ It was the same name. So, Annabel.”

Annabel Van Der Beek. It has a nice ring to it, no? Congratulations to the happy parents! Annabel joins big sister Olivia and big brother Joshua.

When announcing baby Annabel, Van Der Beek took to Twitter to write: “Outnumbered by kids, outnumbered by girls, outlandishly grateful and thrilled… Watch out world, VDB baby #3 made her debut last night.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz