JAMIE JUNGERS PICTURES thumb 325x546 3245 Jamie Junger angrily denies nude Tiger Wood pics. Family says she lies.

Hell hath no fury like a mistress not believed.
One of Tiger Woods‘ many mistresses, Jamie Junger, got hornet’s nest angry and cursed out the John & Ken talk show hosts this week. 
This temper tantrum follows her recent reported tirade at a NY bank after they refused to cash her dicey checks and Kathy Lee Gifford telling her “Today Show” audience that Jamie was rude to the TV show’s staff and needed to “learn some manners.”

The LA radio hosts asked if she had taken nude photos of Tiger, citing Radaronline’s video interview with her aunt, Susan Minor. 
“My aunt? I don’t believe she said that,” Jungers said, calling her aunt “kinda crazy.”

]]>RadarOnline.com reports that Jungers had several people selling her story — with her permission — to various media outlets.

They insist she was paid and is still making money off it.
Also, three members of her own family confirmed to Radaronline that Jamie told them she had nude shots of Tiger, passed out after sex and has been bragging about the pics for years.
Despite her protestations of innocence, Jamie revealed during the interview that she has a lawyer and a publicist. Which as we all know, do not come cheap.  
Then she hung up. Classy.
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead