Mistress No. 4 Jamie Junger just won’t shut up about her relationship with Tiger Woods
She’s prattled to several tabloids, magazines and even gone on morning talk shows.
But she may not be capable of a career as a spokeswoman. 

Here’s a video of the embarrassing flubs she made while rehearsing a simple promo for
BidHere.com, an online auction site that hired her to be their spokesman. 

]]>BTW, that company is the one releasing the rehearsal video. Which is kinda mean, but kinda not. 

Now it turns out Jamie may have naked photos of a passed out Tiger taken with her cell phone that she always planned to sell in case she and Tiger went south.  
Sell them to the highest bidder, Jamie. Put the money in a savings account because it may be all you can get out of this.
And we hope you’ve saved some genetic material. That would definitely sell like hot cakes.