Thumbnail image for jamie-jungers-dateline-nbc.jpgTiger Woods father — apparently an experienced philanderer himself — must not have taught his son the No. 1 lesson about having illicit affairs.

Never pass out drunk because that little gal might take photos of you with her cell phone and try to blackmail you or sell them to the tabs reports that alleged mistress Jamie Junger took alleged naked pictures of Tiger Woods when the two saw each other. 
And she’d always planned to use them if things went south. Wow, she sounds like a real class act. Manners much Ms. Junger?

]]>Anyway this shocking information comes from Jamie Jungers’ alleged aunt — just kidding, it’s her real aunt on her mother’s side —  who says in a video interview that her niece took the pictures with her cell phone when poor defenseless Tiger was “passed out drunk.” Susan Minor adds that her niece told the whole family about her affair with Tiger four years ago. She even played the golfer’s voicemail for them and called him (presumably on speaker phone) while the family was listening.

Minor says that Jamie always planned to sell those photos to the tabloids if anything happened between her and the golf champ. And after the car accident, Jamie’s mother pressured her to go to the tabloids. Not that she was in it for the money or anything.
Why does The Dish Rag have a feeling that most — if not all — of Tiger’s cocktail waitress girlfriends probably did the same thing with their cell phones. 
One wonders if there’s enough Tiger naked cell phone pictures to fill a book someday.