ncis jamie lee curtis Jamie Lee Curtis on 'NCIS': What did you think of Gibbs' new foil?On Tuesday night, actress Jamie Lee Curtis made a rare TV appearance (well, unless you count those old-people yoghurt commercials) as a Dr. Samantha Ryan on “NCIS” opposite Mark Harmon. In the episode, Gibbs turns to Ryan to uncover the truth behind the possible suicide of a Navy Reservist.

Curtis’ arc continues next week, with potential romantic tension building between the doctor and Gibbs. Curtis told ET that she had a great time working with Harmon, who she also co-starred with in the Lindsay Lohan/Chad Michael Murray masterpiece, “Freaky Friday.”

“I’m very fond of him and he’s very fond of me. That’s just a given,
I’m not going to lie to you and say this is a horrible, difficult job to
[work] with him,” she said. “I’m happy to have it, I’m
happy to be here. I’m not going to say anything more than that. He makes
me blush a little bit, because he’s such a sweet guy.”

Curtis says she’d be interested in returning to TV on a more full-time basis. “I’ve raised my children and so I could clearly see myself doing more
regular work now because my youngest is 15-and-a-half and the last
person he wants to see is me,” she says. “I think I’ve done my job right. He wants
nothing to do with me.”

Did you enjoy the introduction of Curtis’ character? Will you tune in to her second episode next week?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie