jane by design 'Jane By Design' midseason finale: Are Jane and Billy meant to be?Since high-schooler Jane Quimby has been living a double life as a fashion assistant all season long, it makes sense that the midseason finale of “Jane By Design” will see our heroine risk exposure in both of her worlds.

Here’s what’s happening in the episode, according to ABC Family’s official description: “Now that Ben is onto Jane’s secret, her dream job looks like it could be coming to an end quickly. But with Fashion Week finally here, Gray and the Donovan Decker team are counting on her more than ever – especially when the mole rears their ugly head again. How can Jane let everyone down and let go of her dream? But if she goes, how would she be able to explain herself to Ben? This is one fashion problem that doesn’t have a quick fix.

Meanwhile, Billy must pay the price for getting caught up in Tommy’s plan.”

All well and good, but let’s get to the juicy stuff. What’s happening with Jane’s relationships? Her romance with Ben is rocky, but creator April Blair tells Hollywood Life to look for a juicy moment between Jane and her BFF Billy.
“They’re the people you think are meant to be together,” a la “Gossip Girl’s” Chuck and Blair. “You want them to be together. In my mind, they’re meant for each other. But what’s the process that’s going to get them there? [Jane and Billy dating] is the end goal, but I want to enjoy the process, rather than the instant gratification.”

Don’t worry if you’re left wanting more as the episode ends — “Jane By Design” was recently picked up for eight more episodes to air this summer.

Posted by:Jean Bentley