jane by design season 2 'Jane By Design' Season 2   Erica Dasher and David Clayton Rogers say bring it on!“Jane By Design” has wrapped up its first season, but star Erica Dasher, who plays the titular teenage fashionista/high-schooler, says she hopes that Season 2 will happen because there are plenty more stories to tell.

“We want it,” Dasher tells Zap2it of a potential Season 2. “Nothing is resolved at the end of this season — I think we have to come back. We’ll live in this very unresolved world!”

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Besides, she wants to see her friends again. “It’s such a gift to work on this show because we get along. Everybody genuinely gets along. I hear that it’s not always like that. I’m really happy to keep working on this show. I have so much fun!”

Her costar David Clayton Rogers tells Zap2it something very similar: he also hopes they get a second season. “We’ve all talked about it,” he admits. “From the acting standpoint we all love our
characters and love the stories. The writers have their ideas of the fun
things they would like to do if we get to go further. So everyone would
really love to.”

But just because the show did pretty well during Season 1 doesn’t mean that everybody’s going to get their hopes up. “I know the network was excited with our ratings from
the [mid-season] premiere. You never know. I learned as an actor that speculation doesn’t
do anything for me. I just need to wait until I get that phone call, but
I know that everyone involved would like to do more.”

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What could we potentially see during a second season? Dasher hopes there are more fun international destinations. “I’m always like, ‘Let’s go to Milan! Let’s go to Tokyo! Let’s go to Barcelona!’ I think it would be really fun to go to Italy, but it would be really wild to go to Tokyo. I think the fashion there is really fun. That would be awesome.”

Are you hoping for a “Jane By Design” Season 2? What fashion-forward city should Jane visit next?

Posted by:Jean Bentley