jane fonda ellen degeneres Jane Fonda on breast cancer, hip replacement on 'Ellen'Actress and fitness mogul Jane Fonda appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Friday (Dec. 10) to talk about her various health problems as she grows older but tries to remain in shape.

Fonda calls herself “really lucky” that doctors were able to successfully remove a small tumor she found in her breast during a routine examination. “When [doctors] say, ‘You’ve got cancer’ there’s that
moment of scary,” says Fonda. “And then I
felt like I’ve just become a part of a huge family of women – survivors
of breast cancer.”

Jane goes on to regale the audience with her humor about having her hip replaced several years ago.

Ellen: “That’s the first time you’ve had anything serious like that [breast cancer scare)]?”
Jane: “No, no, I remember when they told me about, five years ago, that
I needed to have my hip replaced. I was like, ‘What?’ That’s not my
self-image but it’s genetic. My dad did. My brother did. So I have a
bionic hip and knee.”
Ellen: “So that side is much stronger than the other side, that means?”
Jane: “Yes, actually.”
Ellen: “Faster and everything.”
Jane: “Totally.”
Ellen: “Better leg lifts and all that stuff?”
Jane: “Yeah.”
Ellen: “Because you really do…You take care of yourself, right?”
Jane: “I do. I work hard. I did my therapy and everything. I can kneel
which was important because I was in a new relationship right after.
[Laughs and winks] But look, see. It’s pretty good.” [straightens her leg

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