jane fonda bazaar Jane Fonda shows off hot bod in BazaarLookout Helen Mirren, there’s a new “mature” hottie in town and she’s actually seven years old than you. In the latest issue of Bazaar magazine Jane Fonda, 73, shows off her toned bod and talks about her new book, “Prime Time,” and the ongoing process of finding herself.

“I’m fine with women,” says Fonda. My problem is always with men — you know, pleasing a man, turning myself into a pretzel to be who the man I’m with wants me to be. I’m not saying that that’s gone away 100 percent, but maybe 90 percent, 95 percent even.”

Fonda is currently dating music producer Richard Perry. Her exes include media mogul Ted Turner, politician Tom Hayden and writer/director Roger Vadim.

She also talks about her father, legendary actor Henry Fonda.

“I was raised in the ’50s,” she says. “I was taught by my father that how I looked was all that mattered, frankly. He was a good man, and I was mad for him, but he sent messages to me that fathers should not send: Unless you look perfect, you’re not going to be loved.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson