jane fonda surgery Jane Fonda unveils recent plastic surgery
What hath Heidi Montag — and her very public revelation about her ten-at-once plastic surgeries —  wrought? Now Jane Fonda, 72, is blogging about her recent face work.
She wrote: 
Bob Evans complimented me on my new, short haircut and I said, “Thanks. I just had some ‘work’ done on my chin and neck and had the bags taken away from under my eyes so I decided it would be good to get a new hair cut so people will think it’s my new hair.


He thought that was so funny he actually toasted me for doing what he said he’d never heard anyone do before: admit they’d had work done. I was planning on blogging about it anyway so who cares? I’m writing a book about aging so I couldn’t very well NOT talk about it. 

It’s been 2 weeks. I was in front of the camera all day yesterday and was photographed at Eve Ensler’s luncheon 9 days after the procedure so, obviously, it went well.

I swore in 2000 I’d never have anything done again but this year I got tired of not looking like how I feel and I wanted a more refined chin line like I used to have so I changed my mind. I’m still a little swollen but not much and what pleases me is that I won’t looked pulled or weird…or tired all the time. And my crows feet are still alive and well. 

I wish I’d been brave enough to not do anything but, instead, I chose to be a somewhat more glamorous grandma.”
The Dish Rag admits she looks fantastic. And its nice for her to not lie about i t. But she looked fantastic before too. Anesthesia at any age is dangerous, especially at 72. Should Jane have risked it? 
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead