jane seymour bikini body closer weekly Jane Seymour in a bikini at 62 will blow your mindIf you hadn’t made a fitness-related New Year’s resolution yet, prepare to. Jane Seymour and her Jan. 13 cover of Closer Weekly have come to make you feel bad about your body.

The 62-year-old former “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” star graces the cover in a hot pink bikini, rocking a body that women have her age would likely die for.

“God, I’m in better shape now in some ways than I was when I was doing the Bond film” Seymour rubs it in, referring to 1973’s “Live and Let Die.” “I don’t do major fasts or work out crazily every day. I hope I can inspire people! I just want to be as healthy as I can be for as long as I can.”

Seymour’s fitness regiment includes an hour-long workout, three times a week, made up of a combination of spinning, light weights and Gyrotonics, a machine-based method that melds stretching and strengthening exercises.

She insists she doesn’t diet to keep her slender frame, but practices portion control instead. “I hate to deny myself things,” she says. “If I have pasta, I’ll just eat half of it.”

Eschewing the cosmetic enhancements actresses of her age tend to get swept up in – She swears off Botox, having tried it once and “hated” the results – Seymour says she fights aging with more natural methods. “I drink a lot of water, and my skin is at its best when I’ve had sleep,” she says.

If that’s all it takes to look like Seymour on that cover, consider us sold.

Posted by:Billy Nilles