Tonight on Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, we got a hefty dose of Janice/Peter conflict, a hefty dose of Desireé being too big for her britches, and a hefty dose of JP being kind of a jerk. Also, some modeling and stuff. Just to fill in the gaps between the drama. (Spoilers ahead, I suppose…)

The opening salvos of WWIII?: We rejoin Janice Dickinson at the Ed Hardy casting as she and Peter fight it out over his pulling JP and Dominic from the job due to a conflict with 2(x)ist. Janice convinces Christian to book them anyway, ensuring future conflict, because manufactured drama is the low-carb bread and fat-free margarine of Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. I gotta say, if JP was definitely on hold for 2(x)ist and Dominic was confirmed, how the hell did they make it to the casting in the first place? Peter says he’s left picking up the pieces, but it seems like multiple people dropped the ball here. And no one’s happy about the conflict.

Vegas, baby!: Let’s see…we get a bunch of junk about some models not wanting to go in the pool, Desireé thinking she’s too good to hang out with most of the other models, Janice semi-fighting over the phone with Daria’s boyfriend and/or husband, Janice chillin’ with the models in the pool, Janice yelling at the models for drinking…it all seems pretty pointless, to be honest.

JP/Rodrigo: Since their date, JP and Rodrigo have been playing it cool. If by "playing it cool," you mean, "pretending if never happened." At least on JP’s end. And yeah, Vegas is awk-ward! JP and Rodrigo are coincidentally sharing a room, and totally avoiding any conversation on what happened between them (with hopes from JP that Rodrigo will just let the whole thing go). Rodrigo tells CC about the situation (amusingly, she had no clue JP was gay), and it becomes clear that Rodrigo is a bit more hopeful about the relationship than JP. Aww. JP later confesses to Traci that he’s just not ready to be in a relationship. Um, perhaps you should be confessing that to Rodrigo, dude.

Manufactured Drama: Janice meets with Jason from 2(x)ist to clear up the confusion over model bookings. Jason clarifies that Dominic was booked, but not JP, and that there seems to be some miscommunication between Peter and Janice. Um, thanks, Captain Obvious. Basically, JDMA comes across as totally unprofessional. Janice smoothes things over, Jason is understanding, and Peter is thrown under the bus.

Ain’t no party like a Janice Dickinson party: Janice is so psyched for the pre-show party that I assume she never gets invited to parties anymore (understandably), and is thus packing all her partying into one night. She’s very concerned with keeping her models from drinking, until she’s distracted by the fact that Desireé isn’t at the party. At which point she gets really pissed. To be fair, Janice has always been awful to Desireé. Also to be fair, Desireé was completely unprofessional about being insanely late to the party, and then immediately leaving. Yeah, you’re technically just getting paid for the runway, but come on, dude. After a quick photo shoot with all the models (sans Desireé), Janice and Christian "accidentally" fall into the pool. Because there’s really no other way to end the party, when you think about it.

Showtime: At the Project trade show, the models are psyched to walk the runway. The theme is apparently Mad Max, but I think it looks more Tank Girl, personally. Which is way awesomer in my book. Once she shows up, Desireé gets chewed out for missing the shoot, and Janice prepares for a future showdown. The whole show goes smoothly, unbelievably enough, and everyone is thrilled. Wow. I don’t have much to write about when things go well.

Kehoe/Traci: Finally, the Ross and Rachel of the modeling world are going on a date! A first date the likes of which the universe has never known! …Okay, you know what? I can’t even fake enthusiasm. Kehoe and Traci go on a date. It’s kind of cute, there’s a bit of conflict over her date with Nathan, she smooches Kehoe on the cheek, he reasserts his heterosexuality, and the sexual tension is about as thick as air. Really dry air. At a high altitude. Yawn.

CAN YOU HANDLE THE SUSPENSE?!?!: Finally, Janice calls a meeting with all the models, sans Peter. She announces that there will be changes in the agency, mentioning that some models have been doing better than others. (Cue everyone looking worried.) After a warning to the models to start working their butts off, she leaves us with this: "All I can say is, everything is about to change."

Next week: JDMA hits Miami! Plus the usual scandal and intrigue, of course. Any thoughts on Desireé’s behavior? Whose side are you on – Peter’s, or Janice’s?

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Posted by:Liz Pardue