Watch this video of “America’s Next Top Model’s” Tyra Banks squirming in the hot seat on “Nightline.”

“Both Paulina Porizkova and Janice Dickinson, when they left the show, were not very nice about you,” states Cynthia McFadden. [Note: An earlier version of this post incorrectly referred to McFadden as Cynthia Gregory.]

Banks’ publicist quickly says, “Let’s not go there.”

“Well, I am going there,” McFadden snaps. “I am going to ask that question.”

Pressed for more details on the bad feelings among the three former top models, Banks just smiles and smiles and smiles, and then she turns the question back on McFadden , asking, “Why do you think?” 

After a little back and forth, McFadden replies, “Jealous? Is that what you’re –“

“I’m asking you. I didn’t say that word, you said it. I didn’t say it. Is that what you think?” asks Banks, questioning why McFadden brought up jealousy.

“She’s not going to go there,” Bank’s publicist says when McFadden keeps pressing.

“I think she just did,” McFadden says.

What do you think? 

Are Paulina and Janice just jealous?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead