Jaredharris_290 AMC began filming the third season of “Mad Men” on Monday, and on Tuesday the cast will be welcoming a guest star who’ll be around for most of the season.

Jared Harris (“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”) will appear in 10 episodes of the Emmy-winning drama, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He was set to begin work on the show Tuesday as Lane Pryce, Sterling Cooper’s financial officer.

The show ended its second season with Sterling Cooper on the verge of a merger with a British ad agency, so it’s possible that the London-born Harris will be able to use his native accent in the part.

Harris played Captain Mike in “Benjamin Button,” sharing in the cast’s Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for best ensemble earlier this year. He’s also had a recurring part on FOX’s “Fringe” this season as the mysterious and malevolent David Robert Jones.

His other credits include a recurring part on “The Riches,” “The Notorious Bettie Page” and “Ocean’s Twelve.” He was also just cast in the drama “Crowley” opposite Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser.


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Posted by:Rick Porter