jared padalecki philip seymour hoffman twitter gi Jared Padalecki calls Philip Seymour Hoffman death 'stupid': Twitter trouble for the 'Supernatural' star

Whenever a celebrity dies, emotions run high. That can in turn lead to unfortunate comments on Twitter, as “Supernatural” star Jared Padalecki found out on Sunday when he tweeted about the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The trouble started when Padalecki posted a message that referenced Hoffman’s death by drug overdose.

jared padalecki philip seymour hoffman death twitter Jared Padalecki calls Philip Seymour Hoffman death 'stupid': Twitter trouble for the 'Supernatural' starAlthough Padalecki deleted the tweet a short time later, it still attracted the notice of many. The actor — who has more than 1 million followers on Twitter — caught criticism from those who objected to the word “stupid” and the timing of the message (posted within hours of the death announcement).

Padalecki followed up his initial tweet with two more, explaining more clearly what he meant.

Was this enough of an explanation? It’s hard to say.

Padalecki’s tweet and the ensuing backlash highlight yet again the dangers of Twitter. How many celebrities — and non-celebrities who happen to get noticed — have dealt with full-on scandals because of words quickly and thoughtlessly sent out to the Internet? The free-for-all of Twitter and similar sites may be exciting and it may be enticing for those who want to speak, but the flipside is the constant possibility of offense.

After all, once something is on Twitter, it’s out there forever. Padalecki may be finding that out right about now.

Posted by:Laurel Brown