Jasmine Walsh is dating, seeing, hooking up, hanging out with or whatever it’s called these days, with David Arquette (recently separated from wife Courteney Cox).

So who is Jasmine and why do we care? Born in Las Vegas in 1982, she’s a 5’6″ brunette (a Leo) who has previously dated Ryan Seacrest, “Star Trek” actor Chris Pine, British rugby player Danny Cipriani, Paris Hilton’s former beau Doug Reinhardt and singer Jesse McCartney.

She has worked as a cocktail waitress at several Hollywood hotspots like Les Deux, Voyeur,  Guys and Bell.

]]>Although Jasmine hasn’t given up her night job, she’s dabbled in acting.  According to IMDb, she had an uncredited role in “Bad Boys 11” (She played a video store customer.  She played smoking girl #3 in Paris Hilton‘s film, “Pledge This,” And she was also in National Lampoon’s TV: The Movie” and “Cheerleader Massacre.”  Walsh appeared also in one episode of TV shows “Rules of Engagement, “Warren the Ape” and she’s still filming something called “City of Jerks.”
But she’s best known for slugging Lindsay Lohan, or so Lindsay says. However, she claims that’s not even true. After the alleged incident, Jasmine told Radaronline “All I have to say is that disturbed little train wreck is delusional. I did not hit her… but I’d like to.” When Radaronline asked her this week if she played any part in Arquette’s split from Courteney Cox, she replied, “I am sorry but I can’t comment.” But before you go slamming Jasmine for being a home-wrecker, you should know that there have been strong trumors (rumors laced with truth) about Courteney Cox spending time (dinners a deux, etc) and getting very close to her “Cougar Town” costar Brian Van Holt.  Ironically, Brian plays her ex-husband on the show who still has a thing for her character, Jules.  So what’s tackier: Dating your costar or dating a cocktail waitress? Follow Zap2it and Elizadish on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead