jason alexander seinfeld Jason Alexander makes third attempt at breaking 'Seinfeld' curse

Ignoring, for a moment, the royalty checks that likely match the gross national product of some small countries, the post-“Seinfeld” years haven’t been professionally kind to Jason Alexander.

But it takes more than two failed sitcoms and a dubiously productive stint as a Weight Watchers spokesman to discourage George Costanza. Variety reports Alexander is developing a new series with CBS.

The networks has ordered a script for an untitled hour-long drama about a former TV star, natch, who joins his ex-wife’s detective agency. His acting cred apparently comes in handy when cases require he don different disguises. Should the series go to pilot, Alexander will star and serve as executive producer.

Alexander previously made two attempts at headlining series — once on ABC in 2001 (“Bob Patterson,” which was canceled after airing just five episodes) and again on CBS, with the one-season run of “Listen Up” in 2004.

Now, granted the “drama” label probably doesn’t mean this new series would be a serious procedural, but do you think Alexander would work outside of the conventional sitcom formula?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell