A new season of “Arrested Development” is only months away from premiering, but don’t think that plans to make a movie of the series have been shelved. Jason Bateman recently spoke to Larry King while promoting his new movie “Identity Thief” and says that an “Arrested Development” movie is integral to completing the upcoming Season 4 storyline.

“There’s a big story that the showrunner wants to tell; this guy Mitch Hurwitz, this smart guy. And the story was too big to kind of … every time he’d try to fit it all in one movie, it wouldn’t work,” Bateman explains. “So he decided to put sort of the first third of it in these episodes we have shot that are going be on Netflix in May, and Act 2 and Act 3 will be inside a movie that we will do later.”

That’s intriguing to say the least, but plans on that movie will likely have to wait until Season 4 is released before any studio decides to move forward on it. As for that new season, Bateman compared the upcoming 14 episodes to tracks on an album.

“All the episodes are released on the same day, like you would an album. You can listen to whatever song in whatever order, and in this case you can watch any episode in whatever order. Depending on the order in which you watch them, certain things will be revealed to you or not. It’s pretty complicated,” he explains. 

When asked by King why “Arrested Development” was cancelled if so many people loved it, Bateman says, “There weren’t a whole lot of people, Larry, who loved it, but the few who did were super noisy.” Hear, hear.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz