american pie Jason Biggs, Eugene Levy and Seann William Scott (will) reunite for new 'American Pie'; Tom Hanks' 'Larry Crowne' trailerStop the presses! Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott and Eugene Levy have signed up for a new serving of “American Pie.” Talks are currently underway with fellow alums Mena Suvari, Chris Klein, Jennifer Coolidge and Tara Reid (who we’re pretty sure has the free time). This would be the fourth installment in the series and would return the franchise, breaking out of the straight-to-DVD cycle. No word yet on what the plot will be, but we’re sure it will be hilariously ribald. And, hey, with Seann William Scott currently in rehab, there’s plenty of time to write. [The Wrap]

Tom Hanks directs himself in “Larry Crowne,” his first time back behind the camera since “That Thing You Do.” Hanks stars as a laid-off retail worker who goes back to college to learn a thing or two from professor Julia Roberts, who appears to excel at making margaritas and wearing Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses. It’s kind of dippy and definitely a rom-com and there’s something vaguely reminiscent of Jennifer Aniston’s “The Good Girl” (must be the retail vibe), but we’re just happy to see Hanks trying his hand at comedy again and not sporting Robert Langdon hair. Due in theaters July 1. [Yahoo! Movies]

And because it is apparently impossible for Hollywood to produce too many rom-coms, especially ones directed by actors, Drew Barrymore has signed on to helm “How to be Single.” The movie, based on a book by Liz Tuccillo, explores the lives and break-ups of a group of New Yorkers over the course of 10 years. This will be Drew’s second stint in the director’s chair. The first was her 2009 paean to roller derby, “Whip It.” [The Hollywood Reporter

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