jason dohring gi large Jason Dohring on 'Supernatural': It's about time he play a GodAfter an run on CBS’s gone-too-soon vampire series, “Moonlight,” underrated actor Jason Dohring went under the radar for a while, so we’re glad that he’s back with a vengeance. The “Veronica Mars” bad boy has been our favorite part of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s “Ringer” for the last few weeks, and now he’s headed to another CW favorite, “Supernatural.”

As TVLine reports, Dohring will appear in a January 2012 episode of “Supernatural” as the God of Time, Chronos. He’s often portrayed with a long, gray beard — but we’re guessing that if you were the boss of time, you’d turn the clock back on the aging process a bit, too.

Chronos is responsible for the episode’s time travel aspect — in the episode, we’ll go back in time to meet FBI agent Eliot Ness (Nicholas Lea), who wasn’t just a Prohibition-enforcing fed, but, as it turns out, also a supernatural hunter.

Expect to see Dohring and Lea in the season’s 12th episode… and expect to see Sam Winchester zoot-suited up, if we’re lucky.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie