jason isaacs awake Jason Isaacs compares 'Awake' to 'Harry Potter'“Awake” star Jason Isaacs thinks people don’t really want him to tell them what’s happening on the nail-biting NBC drama about a man living in two realities.

“People ask me what’s going to happen,” he says. “They say, ‘You’re in a coma, right? … But it’s like with ‘Harry Potter,’ people ask how we do the magic … They’d be very disappointed.”

Thursday’s (March 15) episode, “Guilty,” takes viewers on a nail-biting journey as Michael Britten (Isaacs) races to find his kidnapped son, Rex (Dylan Minnette), in one world and interrogates the convict who took him in the other world.    

“Since one of the worlds is a dream, crazy s— can start happening,” Isaacs says. “Odd things start happening to him that you can’t quite explain.”

So does that mean we can really expect to see penguins in episode 6, “That’s Not My Penguin”?

“Oh, there are penguins,” he says. “Coming down the road, there’s a lot more than penguins.”

But at the heart of the show, it’s not about penguins or a kidnapped son or even which of Britten’s realities — the one with his wife, Hanna (Laura Allen), or the one with his son — is real and which is a dream.

“It’s about a man trying to be a better husband and a better father,” Isaacs says. “What we’re hoping is that people are invested in his journey.”

The 13-episode first season, which has already wrapped production, continues Thursday at 10 p.m. on NBC.

Check out a preview for “Guilty”:

Posted by:Jennifer Harper