jason kendall adderall Jason Kendall divorce paper allegations: Is Adderall baseball's new drug problem? Is Adderall baseball’s new drug problem?

Kansas City Royals catcher Jason Kendall’s wife Chantel raised her husband’s alleged Adderall overuse in divorce papers. The use of Adderall has increased among pro players after the league banned amphetamines in 2005.

]]>Joseph Haraszti, a California psychiatrist tells Radaronline.com that the statistics of major league players with prescriptions for Adderall, prescribed for people with ADD, are worth examining
He says that players use this as a performance enhancing drug. Why? Because it acts as a stimulant increasing alertness, attention, and energy, with increases in blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing.  He adds that the number of players (8-10%) diagnosed with ADD doesn’t make sense. That’s twice the rate of ADD in a normal population. What do you think? Should Adderall be banned from baseball? One thing’s for sure: Kendall’s colorful divorce — including accusations of physical and emotional abuse –is definitely putting the drug into sports news headlines. Did we mention that Chantel is dating Rod Stewart‘s son, Jason Stewart?  Yup, that’s the icing on this divorce cake Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz

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