jason london mugshot Jason London arrested: Actor reportedly poops his pants in squad carActor Jason London has been arrested on suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct after a fight erupted the Martini Ranch bar in Scottsdale, Ariz., reports the AP.

Police say that London reportedly sneezed on a man, who then asked London to apologize. But London refused and then allegedly hit the man in the face. London reportedly appeared very drunk and began pushing and cursing at the first responders trying to treat him.

TMZ adds a fun twist to the story — according to the police report, on the way to the station London said to the cops, “I’m rich and I’m a motherf***ing famous actor!  F***ing look me up, b****.” And then after telling the cops their squad car smelled “like s***,” he allegedly leaned to the left and promptly pooped himself.

Jason was released on bond, as evidenced by his Twitter recount of the incident:

  • Guys, the TMZ report is a total f***ing lie. I got jumped by three 250
    pound bouncers. They knocked me out and beat me for several minutes.
  • I would never say or do the crap they are reporting. Have faith in me. The truth will come out and you will see.
  • Wait till you see the real pictures. I have a right orbital fracture and sinus fracture. The truth will win

The 40-year-old London is best known for playing Randall in the 1993 movie “Dazed and Confused”; not to be confused with his twin brother, Jeremy, who was in “Mallrats” and on “Party of Five.”

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