Jason London claims to be victim in fight   Photos show heavily beaten face

Though actor Jason London was arrested on suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct, he claims he wasn’t the instigator of the fight. In fact, he claims he is the victim.

As can be seen in the above photo and London’s mug shot — both courtesy of TMZ — London’s face can be seen beaten severely. His representative tells TMZ that London doesn’t remember how the fight began, though he does recall someone accusing him of “looking at his friend’s girl” in the bar Martini Ranch. After that, everything’s mostly a blank until he was arrested.

According to police, London reportedly sneezed on a man and then wouldn’t apologize. It was at this point police say he hit a man in the face, but TMZ’s photos of London’s hands don’t show any signs of him having punched someone. London also says that Martini Ranch’s security staff beat him up before he was arrested and “he doesn’t know why.”

“Jason’s injuries are consistent with a brutal attack with deliberately and expertly aimed landed shots to the head which, according to eyewitnesses, continued even after he was unconscious,” London’s rep says.

However, the owner of Martini Ranch is standing behind his security staff, who say that London caused the showdown. “We feel confident that when the time comes to between witnesses, police reports and our surveillance footage, that the truth will come out and show that the comments by Mr. London and his people are clearly inaccurate,” he tells TMZ.

London is reportedly exploring his legal options. In the end, he suffered from a right orbital fracture, a sinus fracture, hematomas, a concussion, multiple contusions and abrasions.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz