For weeks we've been waiting for DeAnna Pappas to return to The Bachelor. Maybe she'll tell Jason Mesnick that she chose the wrong man at the end of last year's Bachelorette. Or perhaps she wants to remind him that none of the women he's been flirting with can ever compare to her. Whatever. Either would make for some damn fine television.

Now, though, it looks like the promise of DeAnna is merely a ruse to cover up what's really going on ABC's dating show.

[Note: Potential spoilers from here on.]

As chronicled by reality show follower Reality Steve (heretofore known as "RS"), this season of The Bachelor will indeed have a surprising end but not the one viewers are expecting.

Supposedly, it has been orchestrated all along that Jason will pick Melissa and propose to her during the final rose ceremony that will take place in New Zealand. According to RS, ABC so wants viewers to follow the bread crumbs for this union that they've deliberately shown Melissa's freckled hand and signature pinky ring in promos so that fans will feel that they "guessed" it all along.

Currently, there are two After the Final Rose specials scheduled to air. The first — filmed in January — will air immediately after the Monday, March 2 finale during which RS says Jason will inform Melissa that he chose incorrectly and break off their engagement. Adding insult to injury, he will announce that runner-up Molly is the woman for him after all and they will happily reunite.

So what could After the Final Rose special No. 2 on the next night be about? Why, it's an hour of "Where Are They Now/Gee, Isn't Molly Swell?/Look How Well She Gets Along With Jason's Son Ty/Aren't They Happy."

While RS has a variety of reasons why this was planned by ABC from the very beginning to keep interest in a show that has not managed to produce a single wedded union (remember: we're talking The Bachelor, not The Bachelorette), it doesn't really matter. If true — manufactured or real — picking one girl and then dumping her on national television in favor of one you've already rejected is lower than low.

Not to mention what kind of example is Mesnick's documented love life going to set for his young son. Seattle mothers take note.

Somehow Jason may have managed to transform from DeAnna's hapless victim to another dodged bullet on her part. At least with Rock of Love, viewers know what they're getting.

What do you think? Is Jason a cad? Wishy-washy? Merely misunderstood?

Posted by:Brill Bundy

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