Wow. Who would have thought that nice single father Jason Mesnick, who DeAnna Pappas rejected in favor of a pro snowboarder would turn out to be possibly the most-reviled Bachelor of all time?

Way to go Deanna. You dodged that bullet.

The same man who all-but sneered at DeAnna when she showed up during his final selection process to let him know that he still had a shot with her, turned around and dumped fiancee Melissa on national television and went running after his own second chance with runner-up Molly.

Trista Sutter — nee Rehn — the only successful marriage match thus far from The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise tells that she can't imagine Molly being able to look past Jason's actions and for them to have a healthy relationship themselves.

"How can you trust him? I wouldn't trust what he is saying to me," Trista says. "He is obviously fickle."

Having spoken with the rejected Melissa, Trista calls the hard-to-watch happenings on the first After the Final Rose special "a blessing in disguise," believing that it frees up Melissa to go out and find someone who will fight to be with her above all others.

For the record, from an insider's point-of-view Trista feels that Jason was not forced to by the show's producers to break things off with Melissa and attempt to reunite with Molly in such a public forum.

"I think Jason definitely had a choice in how he broke off the engagement — either publicly or in private."

Posted by:Zap2it