jason segel young adult trilogy Jason Segel wrote a young adult trilogy and it's coming out in 2013   yes, really

Jason Segel, best known for his work in TV shows like “Freaks and Geeks” and “How I Met Your Mother” and in movies like “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” is also apparently a young adult author. The comedian revealed that he wrote a trilogy of books based off a script he wrote at age 21, and that publishers are currently having a “bidding war” to try to get their hands on the novels.

“It’s about kids facing their biggest fears, that’s about all I can tell you,” Segel explained after a screening of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” as recounted by VH1. Apparently fans should expect the first novel in the upcoming series to hit store shelves later in 2013.

Segel says he sold the script for “super cheap” after he wrote it because he “didn’t know any better,” but nothing came of the story for eight years. Then he was able to buy the script back at the same price he sold it for and turn it into the book series he has now written. “As I got more successful I kept hoping they wouldn’t realize I was the same Jason Segel as the Jason Segel they bought the script from,” he said.

Fingers crossed that this YA novel involves at least some sort of supernatural creature and twisted love triangle, because that’s totally what we’re expecting based on this news.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz