Jason Segel‘s new book series now has a release date. Random House announced that his new children’s trilogy, “Nightmares!,” will be co-written by Kirsten Miller and come out in fall 2014.

“I couldn’t be more excited that ‘Nightmares!’ has found a home at Random House. Ultimately, it’s a story about learning that we can accomplish anything, as long as we are brave enough to try. These are the types of stories that always inspired me,” Segel says in a statement.

The trilogy is based on a script that Segel wrote when he was 21. He sold it at the time but it never got made, and he was recently able to buy it back so he could develop this series. “Nightmares!” tells the story of a group of kids who needs to save their town from fear, which has manifested itself as nightmarish creatures. In simpler terms, it’s about children overcoming their fears.

The books will be targeted towards middle-school aged students, so don’t expect Segel’s typical brand of comedy. Think more “The Muppets” than “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”

“Jason Segel has the perfect voice to write for children,” says Random House Children’s Book president/publisher Barbara Marcus. “‘Nightmares!’ is inventive, genuine, and relatable to middle-grade readers. We’re thrilled to see Jason’s creative vision translated to the page, and can’t wait to introduce him to the publishing world as a tremendous new talent.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz