brolin bardem getty Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin: Their kiss at the Oscars you didn't seeRemember when the camera cut to Penelope Cruz for an unusually long amount of time as her husband Javier Bardem and co-presenter Josh Brolin came on stage at the Oscars? Well, it turns out there was actually a reason behind her extra-long close-up.

When the two men appeared on stage in their matching outfits (white jackets, shirts and bowties), they shared a quick kiss on the lips before heading to the microphone. Using the short delay, ABC quickly cut to Penelope to avoid airing the kiss. To see a picture of the banned kiss, click here.

Here is the video that show’s off ABC’s quick editing, which is basically keeping the camera on Penelope for an uncomfortable amount of time. We’re not really sure why they didn’t keep the kiss, which was obviously just a greeting between friends, in the telecast.

What do you think? Should ABC have kept the kiss in the show? 

Posted by:tbricker