MP_November17.jpgTwo days ’til the b*tch is back on “Melrose Place!” During Jay Leno’s questions for “10 at 10,” Heather Locklear assured us she will not be in a swimming suit on the new “Melrose Place” and that she once asked Nick Nolte for an autograph.

1. Tomorrow night you’re coming back to “Melrose Place,” is there anything you would’ve done on the original show you will not do on the new show?
Oh! I will not wear a bathing suit and jump into the pool. I’ll jump into the pool but with my clothes on.

2. You started on  “TJ Hooker” with William Shatner. Did “TJ” stand for A) Thomas Jay, B) Terry Jay or C) Toupee Jay?
A. Thomas Jay

3. When was the last time you were mistaken for another celebrity?
In 2000 I was on some music awards show and I had long hair and I came out and people thought I was Britney Spears. But I think it’s because I wasn’t wearing underwear.

4. You appeared in seven shows that Aaron Spelling produced. Can you name them?
“Melrose Place,” “TJ Hooker,” “Dynasty…”  [pause] “Love Boat,” “Fantasy Island,” “Hotel…” [after some prompting from Jay] “Matt Houston!”

5. What’s the worst job you had before you became an actress?
I was a house cleaner with my sister. We had to walk up this hill from school and there was a house on the way and these people hired us to clean. We’d each get $7 or maybe we had to split the $7.

6. Have you ever stolen anythign?
No… oh yes, I have! At that house… these people had a refrigerator in their garage and there was chocolate fudge and we would get spoons and we would eat the fudge. The next week, there was a big padlock on the refrigerator.

7. You have $10 to spend at a fast food place. Where would you go?
Taco Bell. Nachos bel Grande with jalapenos and the bean burritos… that’s danger. [laughs]

8. Have you ever asked a celebrity for an autograph?
Yes! When I was working at Clarke’s drug store scooping ice cream, Nick Nolte came in and I asked him, so he signed on a freezer bag. I still have that bag.

9. You’re on the new “Melrose Place” because A) it’s a great show, with a great character, B) it brings back fond memories of the original or C) they’re throwing more money at you than you can count?
A, B and skip C.

10.  How many tattoos do you have and show us.
[runs hands over body] I have one… two… three.

Thanks Heather, we can’t wait to see your foray back onto “Melrose Place” tomorrow night!

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