It’s the second time Jay Leno is departing “The Tonight Show” and while he seems much more comfortable now, that doesn’t mean he necessarily wants to retire from the show.
Leno is appearing on Sunday’s (Jan. 26) episode of “60 Minutes,” offering his candid thoughts about leaving the late night talk show, then and now. In a preview from CBS News, Leno says, “It’s not my decision and I think I probably would have stayed if we didn’t have an extremely qualified, young guy ready to jump in. [Jimmy Fallon] is probably more like a young Johnny [Carson] than almost anybody since. And he’s really good.” 
He also still isn’t entirely over NBC pushing him out of the show in 2009. “I was blindsided … [NBC executives said] ‘You’re out’ and I went ‘Okay.'” He never asked why the decision was made, but compares it to being dumped by a girl. Leno also doesn’t understand how he became the villain when Conan O’Brien left the show.He says he made a conscious decision not to make fun of anyone in the situation, adding, “It’s not my way.”
Leno’s final episode of “The Tonight Show,” if it sticks this time, is Feb. 6 at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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