jay pharoah gi Jay Pharoah taking over President Obama impression on 'SNL'When Jay Pharoah was first hired for “Saturday Night Live,” the comedian, who is known for his impressions, was lauded for his spot-on version of President Obama. One problem: Fred Armisen already had the job. Now, two seasons later, Pharaoh is finally taking over as “SNL’s” Commander-in-Chief.

“Jay has been doing Obama in his act this summer, and Jay is coming into his own,” “SNL” honcho Lorne Michaels tells the New York Times. Why now? “I just thought it might be time to shake it up.”

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Don’t think this means that Armisen will be leaving any time soon. Michaels says that Armisen, who’s been on the show for a decade, is “the backbone of the show now.”

Jason Sudeikis, who plays both Vice President Joe Biden and GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, will stay on the show until at least January.

Check out a snippet of Pharoah’s uncanny impression below. What do you think? Is he a better Obama than Armisen?

Posted by:Jean Bentley