Oscar nominee Jean Dujardin is looking to capitalize on his newfound notoriety in Hollywood. And like many a handsome European actor before him, he’s turning evil to do so.

The star of “The Artist” shows off his skills at turning a villainous catchphrase (and speaking in a catchall, undefinable Euro accent) in this delightful Funny or Die video, in which he auditions for every bad-guy role under the sun, from the new James Bond movie to “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Squeak and Ye Shall Find.”

(Side note: Though Dujardin is very funny throughout, some of the fake titles in the montage had us laughing almost as hard.)

The video also presents us with something of an Oscars dilemma: We had started to root a little harder for Gary Oldman for best actor after his dramatic reading of a “Jersey Shore” recap on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last week. Now Dujardin has gone and shown an enjoyably goofy side, so our allegiances are torn. Oh well — we’ll sort it out while we anticipate the release of “We Bought a Zoo Too.”

Posted by:Rick Porter